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Drobne zwierzęta

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Bird Fibula
Bird Fibula Title
6th century Period
57.1834 Accession
Bird Plaque
Bird Plaque Title
AD 200-1520 (?) Period
71.1220 Accession
bone, peru, bird, fish, creature, tarascan Tags
Cock Title
6th century BC (Archaic) Period
54.881 Accession
creature Tags
Llama Effigy
Llama Effigy Title
AD 1000-1470 (Late Intermediate) Period
2009.20.49 Accession
earthenware, creature, animal Tags
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral
Octopus Grasping a Piece of Coral Title
18th-19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
57.1344 Accession
creature, octopus, silver, japanese, coral Tags