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Sixth Grade Greek Art References

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Banquet Relief
Banquet Relief Title
2nd half 4th century BC (Late Classical-Early Hellenistic) Period
23.222 Accession
funeral Tags
Circular Pyxis
Circular Pyxis Title
5th-6th century (Late Antique) Period
71.64 Accession
Cylindrical Box (Pyxis)
Cylindrical Box (Pyxis) Title
12th-13th century (Medieval) Period
71.311 Accession
Mythological Figures
Mythological Figures Title
1st century Period
71.600 Accession
Procession of Twelve Gods and Goddesses
Procession of Twelve Gods and Goddesses Title
1st century BC-AD 1st century (Hellenistic) Period
23.40 Accession
greek, procession, archery, teacher, resource, kit, pantheon, losthero, loveandmarriage Tags
Pyxis and Cover with Women and Erotes
Pyxis and Cover with Women and Erotes Title
ca. 370-360 BC (Late Classical) Period
48.264 Accession
Pyxis with Animal Frieze
Pyxis with Animal Frieze Title
4th-3rd century BCE (Classical-Hellenistic) Period
48.81 Accession
Pyxis with Maenads
Pyxis with Maenads Title
ca. 475-450 BCE (Classical) Period
48.2019 Accession
maenads, dionysus, pyxis Tags