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African Elephant Running
African Elephant Running Title
19th century Period
27.55 Accession
french, sculpture, bronze, cute, elephant, animal, creature Tags
Aryballos in the Form of a Hedgehog
Aryballos in the Form of a Hedgehog Title
6th-5th century BC (Ptolemaic) Period
48.2863 Accession
hedgehog, ceramics, egypt, naukratis, creatures, sacredanimal, buffalo, ladybird, artmatters Tags
Baboon Title
4th-1st century BC (Late Period-Greco-Roman) Period
48.1551 Accession
monkey, creature, baboon, egyptian, ceramics, green Tags
Bull's Head
Bull's Head Title
1550-1185 BC (early New Kingdom) Period
42.191 Accession
bull Tags
Burial Urn
Burial Urn Title
AD 1000-1600 Period
2009.20.215 Accession
colombia, southamerica, ancient, americas, clay, ceramic, earthenware, paint, man, figure, sculpture, vessel, burial, funerary, urn, ritual Tags
Cat with Kittens
Cat with Kittens Title
4th century BC (Late Period-early Greco-Roman) Period
48.1554 Accession
Dog Game Piece
Dog Game Piece Title
ca. 2850 BCE (Early Dynastic Period, late 1st-2nd dynasty) Period
71.622 Accession
dog, canine, game, dogsinart Tags
Double-Whistle Vessel with Sea Birds
Double-Whistle Vessel with Sea Birds Title
800-1350 (Middle Horizon-Late Intermediate) Period
48.2826 Accession
birds Tags
Group of Figurines and Architectural Model
Group of Figurines and Architectural Model Title
200 BC-AD 400 Period
2009.20.33 Accession
dogsinart Tags
Hawk; Falcon
Hawk; Falcon Title
1976-1794 BC (Middle Kingdom) Period
42.225 Accession
bird, baby, pink Tags
Hippopotamus Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.355 Accession
green, creature, cute, hippo, baby, chubby Tags
Howling Dog Effigy
Howling Dog Effigy Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.148 Accession
creature, dog, canine, cute, scream, yes Tags
Incense Burner ("Koro") in Form of a Dog
Incense Burner ("Koro") in Form of a Dog Title
ca. 1750-1800 (Edo) Period
49.1128 Accession
dog, hirado, incense, burner, puppy, creature, blue, ceramics, porcelain, japanese Tags
Llama Effigy
Llama Effigy Title
AD 1000-1470 (Late Intermediate) Period
2009.20.49 Accession
earthenware, creature, animal Tags
Lobster Effigy Vessel
Lobster Effigy Vessel Title
AD 300-600 (Early Intermediate Phases IIII-IV) Period
2009.20.55 Accession
peruvian, anime, creature, lobster Tags
Male Figure with Bald Head
Male Figure with Bald Head Title
2347-1793 BC (Late Old Kingdom-Middle Kingdom) Period
22.239 Accession
Model of a River Boat
Model of a River Boat Title
ca. 2050 BC (Middle Kingdom) Period
VO.1 (22.18, 22.19, 22.225) Accession
boat, people, rowing, teacher, resource, kit, boats, egypt, seafever, momias, art Tags
Protective Figure of Aha-Bes
Protective Figure of Aha-Bes Title
ca. 1800-1750 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 13th dynasty) Period
48.420 Accession
creature, magicwand, demon Tags
Rat Eating a Daikon
Rat Eating a Daikon Title
ca. 1766-1800 (Edo) Period
49.339 Accession
creature, japan, japanese, porcelain, clay, ceramics, sculpture, rat, daikon, animal, white, phallic Tags
Sea Lion Effigy Stirrup Vessel
Sea Lion Effigy Stirrup Vessel Title
AD 50-800 (Early Intermediate-Middle Horizon) Period
48.2842 Accession
creature Tags
Seated Puppy
Seated Puppy Title
300 BC-AD 300 (Late Pre-Classic) Period
48.2816 Accession
creature, dog, puppy, canine Tags
Standing Ape
Standing Ape Title
1070-332 BC (Third Intermediate-Late Period) Period
48.1552 Accession
creature Tags
Standing Figure
Standing Figure Title
900-200 BC (Initial Period-Early Horizon) Period
48.2850 Accession
The Infant Christ with Instruments of the Passion
The Infant Christ with Instruments of the Passion Title
ca. 1640 (Baroque) Period
27.374 Accession
The Little Housekeeper
The Little Housekeeper Title
1857 Period
37.18 Accession
Tokaido gojusan tsui
Tokaido gojusan tsui Title
ca. 1845 (late Edo) Period
95.585 Accession
ghost, monster Tags
Turkey Effigy Ocarina
Turkey Effigy Ocarina Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.95 Accession
creature, turkey, bird, gobble, thanksgiving Tags