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"La Source" Pendant and Necklace
"La Source" Pendant and Necklace Title
ca. 1902 Period
57.941 Accession
french, jewelry, nouveau, woman, flowers, grace, amber, games, buddha, miners, nudes, flower, necklace, pendant Tags
"Zemi" (Deity Figure)
"Zemi" (Deity Figure) Title
800-1500 Period
2005.6 Accession
pre-columbian, spirits, ancestor, skull, shellmoney, muerteyvida Tags
A Florentine Lady
A Florentine Lady Title
ca. 1892 Period
71.446 Accession
costume, collar, bust, sculpture, ivory, woman, tiffany, elegance, boldness, dignity Tags
A Portrait
A Portrait Title
1852 Period
37.75 Accession
portrait, french, woman Tags
A Roman Slave Market
A Roman Slave Market Title
ca. 1884 Period
37.885 Accession
gerome, rule-breakers, slave, market, nude, woman, roman, tiepolo, islam, boys, naked, pretty, sexy, butt, dab Tags
Arabs in Egypt, Sunrise
Arabs in Egypt, Sunrise Title
1867 Period
37.136 Accession
orientalism, arabs, horses, animals, sunrise, creatures, horizontal Tags
Automaton with Diana on a Stag
Automaton with Diana on a Stag Title
ca. 1620-1635 (?); early 19th century (?) Period
57.923 Accession
english, myth, deer, dogs, decanter, diana, automaton, motorized, excess, gilt, hunt, banquet, centerpiece, artemis, goddess, metropolitanmuseum, stag, edbm, tothehunt, dogsinart Tags
Birds Resting on Bushes
Birds Resting on Bushes Title
1864 Period
37.1517 Accession
birds, thistle, watercolor, misty, french, creature Tags
Bonbonnière Title
1785 Period
57.121 Accession
Bracelet Title
ca. 1840 Period
57.2189 Accession
book, bracelet, jewelery, dog, social Tags
Bracelet with Dangles
Bracelet with Dangles Title
19th century Period
57.2317 Accession
Canterbury Bells
Canterbury Bells Title
1863 Period
37.1521 Accession
flower, flowers Tags
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Figure of Death (Memento Mori)
Figure of Death (Memento Mori) Title
1520s (Renaissance) Period
61.97 Accession
skull, skeleton, naked, muder, murder, death, bones, decomposing, skullsandbones, hulahoops Tags
Forest of Fontainebleau, Autumn
Forest of Fontainebleau, Autumn Title
1871 Period
37.64 Accession
autumn, forest, trees, storm Tags
Goblet with Violets
Goblet with Violets Title
1863 Period
37.1656 Accession
flowers, watercolor, still-life, forget-me-not, flower Tags
Gospels Title
late 10th century (Medieval) Period
W.3 Accession
Hair Ornament
Hair Ornament Title
19th century Period
57.1342 Accession
Horace and Lydia
Horace and Lydia Title
after 1843 Period
37.23 Accession
orgy Tags
Judith Decapitating Holofernes
Judith Decapitating Holofernes Title
ca. 1640 (Baroque) Period
37.653 Accession
awesome, jewish, military, muder, ouch, rule-breakers, decapitate, women, murder, murdurer, murderer, heroine, judaic, tenebrism, strong, gender, rome, servant, tenebroso, chiaroscuro, dramatic, drama, candlelight, caravaggio, baroque, painting, oilpaint, italian, italy, biblical, oldtestament, bible, sword, decapitation, holofernes, judith, invincible, chopchop Tags
Kashira with Autumn Flowers
Kashira with Autumn Flowers Title
ca. 1800-1850 (late Edo) Period
51.1065 Accession
Man in a Clown Suit
Man in a Clown Suit Title
1852-1866 Period
37.1448 Accession
man, clown, play, drawing Tags
Necklace with Butterfly Pendant
Necklace with Butterfly Pendant Title
late 2nd-1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
57.386 Accession
butterfly, dramatic, gold, granulation, emerald, burial, necklace, greek, hellenistic, jewelry, underfire Tags
Necklace with Lion's-Head Closures
Necklace with Lion's-Head Closures Title
4th century (Late Antique) Period
57.588 Accession
creature Tags
Ophelia Title
1857 Period
37.2665 Accession
garland, girl, portrait, tragedy, wreath, ophelia, sad Tags
Pendant with the Virgin and Child in Glory
Pendant with the Virgin and Child in Glory Title
1500-1550 (Renaissance) Period
57.1991 Accession
rosary Tags
Plaque with Pair of Eyes Symbolizing the All-seeing Power of God
Plaque with Pair of Eyes Symbolizing the All-seeing Power of God Title
ca. 600 Period
57.1865.561 Accession
Portrait of Mrs. Francis Stanton Blake (Eugenia White Blake)
Portrait of Mrs. Francis Stanton Blake (Eugenia White Blake) Title
1908 Period
37.2465 Accession
fan, eveningdress Tags
Relief Image of Jesus Christ
Relief Image of Jesus Christ Title
17th century (Early Modern) Period
57.653 Accession
Rural Scene
Rural Scene Title
1865 Period
37.1515 Accession
Saint Mary Magdalene
Saint Mary Magdalene Title
ca. 1625-1635 (Baroque) Period
37.651 Accession
bare, feet, skull, thinking, tenebrism, skullsandbones Tags
Saint Sebastian
Saint Sebastian Title
1680-1700 (Baroque) Period
71.362 Accession
lute Tags
Sphinx Title
1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
57.1490 Accession
gold, creature Tags
Study of Juliette
Study of Juliette Title
1905 Period
37.2658 Accession
woman, portrait Tags