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Allegory on Human Life
Allegory on Human Life Title
ca. 1658-1660 (Baroque) Period
37.2623 Accession
food, skulls, butterfly, fruit, corn, samurai, skullsandbones, edbm, flower, flowers Tags
Burial Urn
Burial Urn Title
AD 1000-1500 Period
2009.20.214 Accession
colombia, southamerica, ancient, americas, clay, ceramic, earthenware, funeral, burial, ritual, urn, figure, sculpture, vessel, tomb, funerary, woman, face, hands Tags
Mask Title
n. d. (Late Postclassic) Period
2009.20.121 Accession
creature, mask, law, papyrus, noooooooooooooooooo Tags
Rock Crystal Casket
Rock Crystal Casket Title
ca. 1470-1500 (late Medieval-Renaissance) Period
57.695 Accession