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"Xantil" Incense Burner Effigy Lid
"Xantil" Incense Burner Effigy Lid Title
AD 1200-1521 (Postclassic) Period
2009.20.188 Accession
nice, mixteca, puebla, pueblo, earthenware, clay, sculpture, veracruz, mexico, ancientamerica, ancientamericas, southamerica, oaxaca, incense, incenseburner, effigy, man, figure Tags
Apostle Title
late 12th century (Medieval) Period
44.258 Accession
redhalo, elongated, champleve, enamel, medieval, romanesque Tags
Book of Italian Costumes
Book of Italian Costumes Title
ca. 1588 (High Renaissance) Period
W.477 Accession
Curiosity Figure (Seed Man)
Curiosity Figure (Seed Man) Title
ca. 1600 (Late Renaissance) Period
75.26 Accession
weird Tags
Effigy Bottle
Effigy Bottle Title
200 BCE-500 CE (Early Intermediate) Period
2009.20.37 Accession
English Man and Woman
English Man and Woman Title
1861 (late Edo) Period
95.288 Accession
Family Portrait
Family Portrait Title
17th century Period
35.37 Accession
Female Performer Holding Drum and Striker or Rattle
Female Performer Holding Drum and Striker or Rattle Title
AD 100-1521 (Classic-Postclassic) Period
2009.20.225 Accession
Fran├žoise Ravel as the Harlequin
Fran├žoise Ravel as the Harlequin Title
1855-1859 Period
37.2453.34 Accession
Girl in a Southern German Folk Costume
Girl in a Southern German Folk Costume Title
19th century Period
37.1237 Accession
Iroquois Indian
Iroquois Indian Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.41 Accession
Mary Magdalene (?)
Mary Magdalene (?) Title
ca. 1525 (Renaissance) Period
37.269 Accession
gloves Tags
Neck Amphora with Scenes of Peleus, Thetis, and Achilles
Neck Amphora with Scenes of Peleus, Thetis, and Achilles Title
ca. 520-510 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.18 Accession
hero, chinese, nasty, vase, achilles, greek, white, diffent, chiron, cool, brown Tags
Nike Title
first half 2nd century BCE (Hellenistic) Period
48.295 Accession
library, girl, jehova, angel, statue, nike, myrina, sexy, pretty, hercules, tigeratr, cool, mythical, puppy, sacajawaya, goddess, dumb, cbnnnngrbg, kill, sex, okthisisacoolstatuelokkinggoodtheredoinggreat, isjrkldfnzsuiofn, dailyartcom, jwefobhinwfhgnjswbhdfjdnbufgenbfugysenfhebsgnnjfhbunbugygnfujigufijfnhubjifsnhgufcfinhucjsnhusnhunsfhuhuhuhuhuhuhudmkl, awsome, big, jiveturkey, tittytwister, artsux Tags
Portrait Miniature of an Indian Courtesan
Portrait Miniature of an Indian Courtesan Title
1830-1850 Period
38.518 Accession
princess, invory, miniature, indian Tags
Portrait of a Lady
Portrait of a Lady Title
ca. 1760-1769 (Baroque) Period
37.395 Accession
Presepio Figure
Presepio Figure Title
ca. 1790 (Italian late Baroque) Period
27.604.6 Accession
Repairing Robes
Repairing Robes Title
1700-1825 Period
35.20 Accession
wedding Tags
Ritual Performer
Ritual Performer Title
AD 600-800 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.48 Accession
nopila Tags
Seated Male Figure with Arms Resting on Upraised Knees
Seated Male Figure with Arms Resting on Upraised Knees Title
300 BC-AD 300 (Late Pre-Classic) Period
48.2817 Accession
Standing Figure
Standing Figure Title
1100-1550 (Late Intermediate-Late Horizon) Period
61.354 Accession
Stirrup-spout Bottle
Stirrup-spout Bottle Title
AD 200-500 Period
2009.20.109 Accession
Stirrup-Spouted Bottle
Stirrup-Spouted Bottle Title
450-650 CE (Early Intermediate (Phase 6)) Period
2009.20.28 Accession
nazca, muerteyvida Tags
Textile Doll
Textile Doll Title
1000-1450 (Late Intermediate) Period
83.768 Accession
Tokaido gojusan tsui
Tokaido gojusan tsui Title
ca. 1845-1846 (late Edo) Period
95.563 Accession
Trophy-Head Effigy Vessel
Trophy-Head Effigy Vessel Title
AD 500-800 (Middle Horizon) Period
2009.20.97 Accession
Unidentified Figure
Unidentified Figure Title
1855-1859 Period
37.2453.44 Accession
Ushabti-Figure of Ka-ha
Ushabti-Figure of Ka-ha Title
ca. 1279-1186 BC (New Kingdom) Period
22.186 Accession