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Aphrodite Title
332-30 BC (Hellenistic) Period
54.952 Accession
Hellenistic Ruler
Hellenistic Ruler Title
2nd-1st century BC (Hellenistic) Period
54.1045 Accession
Herakles and the Erymanthian Boar
Herakles and the Erymanthian Boar Title
ca. 520 BC (Archaic) Period
48.253 Accession
greek, myth, terracotta, losthero Tags
Itj-ibj Title
1976-1911 BC (Middle Kingdom) Period
22.142 Accession
Kouros Title
ca. 530 BC (Archaic) Period
23.279 Accession
meninart Tags
Red-Figure Volute Krater
Red-Figure Volute Krater Title
mid 4th century BC (Classical) Period
48.2759 Accession