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"Lotus-Petal" Vase
"Lotus-Petal" Vase Title
1710-1722 Period
49.498 Accession
shiny, red, creator Tags
"Prunus Vase" Jar
"Prunus Vase" Jar Title
14th century (Goryeo [Koryo]) Period
49.2681 Accession
illustrations Tags
"Rhyton" with Griffins
"Rhyton" with Griffins Title
3rd-2nd century BC (Ptolemaic) Period
48.368 Accession
faience, griffins, vessel, make, really, cool, period, drinking-horn, gryphons, egypt, ahorn, gay, fun, sexy, harambe, datboi, lookatthisdood, weird, dab, stuipid, naked, tripledab, woman, hey, bill, nye, the, science, guy, bil, art, stop, adding, tags, cut, brok, ceramic, lol, edbm, 314, 45614915918, aninterestingworkofart, bruhwhoeverreadingthisitsyaboyjoshhere, shutup, thi, this, is, pointless, oml, shutit, yallaredumblol, yoyouright Tags
"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase")
"Three-String" Vase ("The Peach Bloom Vase") Title
1710-1722 (Qing) Period
49.155 Accession
graceful, peach Tags
Amphora with a Youth and a Bearded Man and Victory
Amphora with a Youth and a Bearded Man and Victory Title
ca. 440 BCE (Classical) Period
48.53 Accession
egg, greece Tags
Arrow Vase
Arrow Vase Title
1735-1795 (Qianlong) Period
49.252 Accession
vase, chinese Tags
Aryballos in the Form of Head of an African
Aryballos in the Form of Head of an African Title
ca. 480-430 BC (Classical) Period
48.2017 () Accession
african, head, vessel, ethiopian Tags
Avian Effigy Vessel
Avian Effigy Vessel Title
ca. 800-400 BC (Formative) Period
48.2772 Accession
earthenware Tags
Vase (Vase Duplessis)
Vase (Vase Duplessis) Title
Vase: 1755 (?); Decoration: 19th century (?) Period
48.656 Accession
vase, porcelain, cherubs, french, creature Tags