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Bowl with Fish and Lotuses
Bowl with Fish and Lotuses Title
ca. 1550-1400 BCE (New Kingdom, early 18th dynasty) Period
48.400 Accession
fishy, yummy, throwback, precise, bowl, blue, cool, nice, ancient, pintrest Tags
Joined Vase
Joined Vase Title
1736-1750 Period
49.1313 Accession
New Year's Flask
New Year's Flask Title
mid 7th-mid 6th century BCE (Late Period) Period
48.419 Accession
newyear Tags
Rat Eating a Daikon
Rat Eating a Daikon Title
ca. 1766-1800 (Edo) Period
49.339 Accession
creature, japan, japanese, porcelain, clay, ceramics, sculpture, rat, daikon, animal, white, phallic Tags
Rhyton in Form of a Dimidiated Donkey and Ram Head
Rhyton in Form of a Dimidiated Donkey and Ram Head Title
ca. 450 BCE (Classical) Period
48.2050 Accession
creature Tags
Sake Ewer from a Portable Picnic Set
Sake Ewer from a Portable Picnic Set Title
ca. 1830-1839 (Edo) Period
49.957 Accession
picnic Tags
Snuff Tray
Snuff Tray Title
300 BC-AD 600 Period
2009.20.126 Accession
Spherical Jar with Puppies
Spherical Jar with Puppies Title
1890-1895 (Meiji) Period
44.697 Accession
Tall Sake Ewer ["Tokkuri"]
Tall Sake Ewer ["Tokkuri"] Title
19th century (Meiji) Period
49.1973 Accession
Vase Title
1902 Period
48.2356 Accession
art, nouveau, flower, flowers Tags
Vase (Vase à oreilles nouveau)
Vase (Vase à oreilles nouveau) Title
1767 Period
48.608 Accession
sevres Tags