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A Funeral Service
A Funeral Service Title
ca. 1300-1325 Period
W.104.74R Accession
angels Tags
Apes Dancing to Ring-around-a-Rosy
Apes Dancing to Ring-around-a-Rosy Title
ca. 1315-25 (Gothic) Period
W.82.193R Accession
monkey, apes, animals, dancing, playful, drawign, drawing, creature, checkmate Tags
Bentivoglio Bible
Bentivoglio Bible Title
ca. 1270 (Medieval) Period
W.151 Accession
Bible Pictures by William de Brailes
Bible Pictures by William de Brailes Title
ca. 1250 (Medieval) Period
W.106 Accession
Commentarii in Somnium Scipionis
Commentarii in Somnium Scipionis Title
ca. 1175-1200 (Medieval) Period
W.22 Accession
Thymelaea (Spurge-laurel)
Thymelaea (Spurge-laurel) Title
7th century AH/AD 13th century Period
W.750C.A Accession
World Map
World Map Title
ca. 1175-1200 (Medieval) Period
W.22.64V Accession
Youth Swinging from a Tree
Youth Swinging from a Tree Title
ca. 1300 (Gothic) Period
W.88.76R Accession