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ancient americas

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"Axe god" Pendant
"Axe god" Pendant Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.118 Accession
jaeite, costarica, cool, good, jadeite, stone, carved, sculpture, axegod, pendant, jewelery, jewelry, ornament, adornment, green, ancientamericas, centralamerica, ancient, ancientamerica, narwhals, wow Tags
Ballgame Performer
Ballgame Performer Title
100 BCE-300 CE Period
2009.20.133 Accession
games, sudamerica, mesoamerican, ballgame Tags
Battered Warrior (?) Figure
Battered Warrior (?) Figure Title
AD 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.44 Accession
remojadas, veracruz, clay, ceramic, earthenware, ancient, americas, southamerica, mexico, headdress, face, sitting, sculpture, figure, man, warrior Tags
Blackware Vessel
Blackware Vessel Title
AD 1-650 (Early Intermediate) Period
48.2859 Accession
Dwarf Figurine
Dwarf Figurine Title
AD 550-850 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.36 Accession
maya, naked Tags
Effigy Urn
Effigy Urn Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.247 Accession
Female Figure
Female Figure Title
300 BC-AD 100 Period
2009.20.236 Accession
Female Figure in Birthing Position
Female Figure in Birthing Position Title
AD 50-800 (Early Intermediate-Middle Horizon) Period
48.2836 Accession
Female Figurine
Female Figurine Title
300-100 BC (Late Formative) Period
2009.20.226 Accession
Female Ritual Performer
Female Ritual Performer Title
AD 600-900 (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.47 Accession
money Tags
Figural Urn of Cocijo (Cociyo)
Figural Urn of Cocijo (Cociyo) Title
AD 300-600 (Early Classic) Period
48.2788 Accession
baltimore, panel, pictorial, writing, ceramic, effigy, mexico, tounge Tags
Market-Woman Figure
Market-Woman Figure Title
600-900 CE (Late Classic) Period
2009.20.27 Accession
Warrior Figure
Warrior Figure Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.25 Accession