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Aegis with the Head of Sekhmet
Aegis with the Head of Sekhmet Title
ca. 945-715 BCE (Third Intermediate Period, 22nd-23rd dynasty) Period
57.540 Accession
aegis, gold, creature, artwork Tags
Appliqué: Head of a Lion
Appliqué: Head of a Lion Title
ca. 380-342 BC (Late Period) Period
48.494 Accession
lion, meaning Tags
Cat with Kittens
Cat with Kittens Title
4th century BC (Late Period-early Greco-Roman) Period
48.1554 Accession
Feline Effigy Stirrup Vessel
Feline Effigy Stirrup Vessel Title
AD 50-800 (Early Intermediate-Middle Horizon) Period
48.2843 Accession
Footed Dish with Animal Motifs
Footed Dish with Animal Motifs Title
AD 900-1500 (Late Period) Period
TL.2009.20.280 Accession
Jaguar Walking, Number 1
Jaguar Walking, Number 1 Title
19th century Period
27.95 Accession
walking, creature, jaguar, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags
Tiger at Rest
Tiger at Rest Title
ca. 1830s-1840s Period
37.834 Accession
cat, library, squirrel, rest, creature, adorable, laying, lay, stripes, puff, fluff, fast, faster, fastcat, big, runnercat, fabulous, gorgeous, cool, wow, puppy, amazing, black Tags