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Anthony Van Corlear
Anthony Van Corlear Title
1858 Period
37.101 Accession
music, trumpet, intrument, man, fat, jolly, oil, muttonchops, pudgepot Tags
Charles Dikran Kelekian
Charles Dikran Kelekian Title
1910 Period
37.2656 Accession
art, awefull, berd, boy, charles, dikran, great, work, hat, awesome, portrait, mary, cassatt, fine, dignified, squinty-nose, drawing, impressionism, american, jackass, kind, nice, wonderfull, japonisme, cool, terrible, fabulous, good, lonely, unfinished, reallydetailed, royal, sad, bored, detailed, self-portrait, gloomy, incomplete, handsome, nameincorner, interesting, beautiful, fashion, games, love, ladies, realistic, neat, cyber-bully-channels-are-cancer, amazing, cute, odd, normasl, normal, amaziing, but, look, like, color, happy, sex, boob, baby, tie, naykid, kiss, expressive, stupid, ro67775eeu44ueeu5o6r56315456frsuuazqq1234tit6nt7m9864wdbfgb Tags
Dutch Interior
Dutch Interior Title
ca. 1840 Period
37.144 Accession
cat, animal, genre, dutch, kitchen, sleep Tags
Frontispiece for Bonvin Album
Frontispiece for Bonvin Album Title
1867 Period
37.1501 Accession
flowers, flower Tags
Girl with Birds Nest
Girl with Birds Nest Title
1862 Period
37.1593 Accession
girl, watercolor, basket, flowers, meditation Tags
Madonna of the Candelabra
Madonna of the Candelabra Title
ca. 1513 (Renaissance) Period
37.484 Accession
baby, child, halo, madonna, mother, postcards, from, walters, usps, stamp, virgin, christmas, christ Tags
Margot (Lefebvre) in Blue
Margot (Lefebvre) in Blue Title
1902 Period
37.303 Accession
girl, american, child, pastel, drawing, blue, impressionism, awesome, kool, marycassatt, adorable, white, nice, happy, little, dress Tags
Ophelia Title
1857 Period
37.2665 Accession
garland, girl, portrait, tragedy, wreath, ophelia, sad Tags
Portrait of Giovanna Bagnara (?)
Portrait of Giovanna Bagnara (?) Title
ca. 1739 Period
37.260 Accession
fur, dog, opulence, dress Tags
Portrait of Marquise D'Argenson (Suzanne-Marguerite Fyot de la Marche)
Portrait of Marquise D'Argenson (Suzanne-Marguerite Fyot de la Marche) Title
1750 Period
37.895 Accession
french Tags
Portrait of Mrs. Francis Stanton Blake (Eugenia White Blake)
Portrait of Mrs. Francis Stanton Blake (Eugenia White Blake) Title
1908 Period
37.2465 Accession
fan, eveningdress Tags
Rose Trellis Egg
Rose Trellis Egg Title
1907 Period
44.501 Accession
easter, egg, faberge, rose Tags
Self-Portrait Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.68 Accession
american, beard, elliott, male, portrait, self portrait, old, selfie Tags
Susannah and the Elders
Susannah and the Elders Title
ca. 1700-1727 (late Baroque) Period
37.1880 Accession
rule-breakers, naked Tags
Tailpiece for Bonvin Album
Tailpiece for Bonvin Album Title
1867 Period
37.1531 Accession
flower, flowers Tags
The Annunciation
The Annunciation Title
late 16th century (Renaissance) Period
37.1814 Accession
The Confessional
The Confessional Title
1867 Period
37.1374 Accession
Wild Flowers and Butterfly
Wild Flowers and Butterfly Title
1858 Period
37.1594 Accession
flower, flowers Tags