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Anthony Van Corlear
Anthony Van Corlear Title
1858 Period
37.101 Accession
music, trumpet, man, fat, jolly, oil, muttonchops, pudgepot, instrument Tags
Aurora Title
1896 Period
38.169 Accession
aurora Tags
Bunch of Grapes
Bunch of Grapes Title
1873 Period
37.1887 Accession
food, plant, american, grapes, baltimorean, fruit, pritey Tags
Chimpanzee Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.353 Accession
agate, chimp, chimpanzee, faberge, lapidary, monkey, petersburg, animal, alabastron, creature Tags
Cold Fingers
Cold Fingers Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.1951 Accession
Daydreams Title
1859 Period
37.44 Accession
century, cute, bubbles, dream, boy, vanity, lazy, pensive Tags
Fran├žoise Ravel as Bertrand
Fran├žoise Ravel as Bertrand Title
1855-1859 Period
37.2453.10 Accession
Going to School
Going to School Title
1853 Period
37.20 Accession
Good Friends (Puppy and Kitten)
Good Friends (Puppy and Kitten) Title
4th quarter 19th century Period
37.1992 Accession
cute, cat, dog Tags
Here is the Pleasure, Sirs, Here is the Pleasure
Here is the Pleasure, Sirs, Here is the Pleasure Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1590 Accession
Interior with Italian Woman and Children
Interior with Italian Woman and Children Title
n.d. Period
37.1382 Accession
watercolor, children, italian, french, family, mother, author Tags
Medicine Circles
Medicine Circles Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.117 Accession
american, native, indian, watercolor, landscape Tags
Power of Music
Power of Music Title
1852 (?) Period
37.134 Accession
music, romanticism Tags
Route to Versailles, Louveciennes
Route to Versailles, Louveciennes Title
1869 Period
37.1989 Accession
louveciennes, franco-prussian, snow, townscape, impressionism, shadows Tags
Sappho and Alcaeus
Sappho and Alcaeus Title
1881 Period
37.159 Accession
greek, music, sappho, neoclassical, neoclassicism, kythara, visitors Tags
Springtime Title
1872 Period
37.11 Accession
century, garden, young, woman, green, monet, camille, reading, springtime, teacher, resource, kit, hat, tranquility, impressionism, claude, spring, sunlight, shadow, sun, bonnet, renoir, flower, bain, flowers, retratos Tags
The Adige River at Verona
The Adige River at Verona Title
ca. 1894 Period
37.97 Accession
water Tags
The Awakening
The Awakening Title
1863 Period
37.106 Accession
mother, child Tags
The Cherry Picker
The Cherry Picker Title
1871 Period
37.2780 Accession
children, cherry, tree, charm, garden, spring, fruit, child, barefoot Tags
The Estacade Bridge
The Estacade Bridge Title
1880 Period
37.2551 Accession
water, impressionism, river, paris Tags
The Fairy Tale
The Fairy Tale Title
ca. 1890 Period
37.958 Accession
The Hard Sum
The Hard Sum Title
1825-1870 Period
37.2468.37 Accession
The Painter and His Model
The Painter and His Model Title
1855 Period
37.322 Accession
polovtsoff, painter, model, contemplation, realism, palette, muse, stretcher Tags
The Twelve Months: December
The Twelve Months: December Title
1866 Period
37.1474 Accession
winter Tags
Winter landscape
Winter landscape Title
1859 Period
37.1569 Accession
winter, snow Tags
Woman at Church Door
Woman at Church Door Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.1322 Accession
snow Tags
Woman with Two Children by a Window
Woman with Two Children by a Window Title
1859 Period
37.1414 Accession
Xanthe and Phaon
Xanthe and Phaon Title
1883 Period
37.973 Accession
Young Man with Pipe
Young Man with Pipe Title
1862 Period
37.1634 Accession