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"Senet" Board
"Senet" Board Title
1307-1070 BC (New Kingdom) Period
48.408 Accession
teacher, resource, kit Tags
A Worshipper Kneeling Before the God Anubis
A Worshipper Kneeling Before the God Anubis Title
ca. 747-525 BCE (Third Intermediate Period-Late Period, 25th-26th dynasty) Period
54.400 Accession
creature, godseth, 6thdynasty, seth, hjh Tags
Antefix with Head of Silenus
Antefix with Head of Silenus Title
4th century BC (Late Classical-Hellenistic) Period
48.354 Accession
antefix, head, silenus, half-beast, half-man, red-face, terracotta, ceramics, beard Tags
Lioness Game Piece
Lioness Game Piece Title
ca. 2850 BCE (Early Dynastic Period, late 1st-2nd dynasty) Period
71.623 Accession
lions, gamepiece, creature Tags
Red-Figure Bell Krater
Red-Figure Bell Krater Title
ca. 440 BC (Classical) Period
48.74 Accession
satyr, krater, dionysus, thyrsus Tags