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"Senet" Board
"Senet" Board Title
1307-1070 BC (New Kingdom) Period
48.408 Accession
teacher, resource, kit Tags
A Worshipper Kneeling Before the God Anubis
A Worshipper Kneeling Before the God Anubis Title
ca. 747-525 BCE (Third Intermediate Period-Late Period, 25th-26th dynasty) Period
54.400 Accession
creature, godseth, 6thdynasty, seth Tags
Antefix with Head of Silenus
Antefix with Head of Silenus Title
4th century BC Period
48.354 Accession
antefix, head, silenus, half-beast, half-man, red-face, terracotta, ceramics, beard Tags
Lioness Game Piece
Lioness Game Piece Title
ca. 2850 BCE (Early Dynastic Period, late 1st-2nd dynasty) Period
71.623 Accession
lions, gamepiece, creature Tags
Red-Figure Bell Krater
Red-Figure Bell Krater Title
ca. 440 BC (Classical) Period
48.74 Accession
satyr, krater, dionysus, thyrsus Tags