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Black-Figure Amphora
Black-Figure Amphora Title
500-490 BC (Late Archaic) Period
48.7 Accession
satyr Tags
Dancing Figure Whistle
Dancing Figure Whistle Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.29 Accession
earthenware, dance, mexico, figure Tags
Ganesha Title
1st half 11th century (Pala) Period
25.49 Accession
belly, dancing, elephant, god, hindu, sculpture, made, indian, religion, religious, statue, trunk, ganesha, bihar, lobby, holy, cow, ganesh, vinayak, aa1, bain Tags
Peasant Wedding Dance
Peasant Wedding Dance Title
1607 (Baroque) Period
37.364 Accession
flemish, music, pieter, wedding, loveandmarriage, edbm Tags
Relief from a Funerary Cippus
Relief from a Funerary Cippus Title
early 5th century BC (Late Archaic) Period
23.13 Accession