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"Over a Balcony," View of the Grand Canal, Venice
"Over a Balcony," View of the Grand Canal, Venice Title
ca. 1897 Period
37.1109 Accession
venice, watercolor, architecture, water, sky, terracotta, canal, vertical-format, rhythms, souvenir-item, quiet Tags
A Florentine Lady
A Florentine Lady Title
ca. 1892 Period
71.446 Accession
costume, collar, bust, sculpture, ivory, woman, tiffany, elegance, boldness, dignity Tags
A Harvest Shower
A Harvest Shower Title
ca. 1815 Period
37.228 Accession
british, landscape, harvest, rain Tags
African Venus
African Venus Title
1851 Period
54.2665 Accession
slavery, french, bust, sculpture, bronze, portrait, woman, venus, gold, teacher, resource, kit, beyond, african, black, beautiful, power, royalty, hair, dreadlocks, wisdom, beauty, feminine, female, strength, strong, dignity, nobility, noble, victoria, queen, african-american, invincible, bain, memorytour, encountering, retratos Tags
Amphora with Scenes of the Hermes and Dionysus
Amphora with Scenes of the Hermes and Dionysus Title
ca. 540-530 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.11 Accession
amazing, amphora, archaic, dionysus, hermes, satyr, terracotta, affecter, ancient, great, beautful, cool, awesome, gods, god, spells, strong, special, persisting, rare, hand, made, phill, art, broken, women, fun, time, eridan, ampora, cools, cooling, surprised, cracked, beautiful, wretched, nude, black-figure, greece, black, athens, cracked-royal, bird, cat, man, ancientgreece, old, adorable, amphora-b, guys, sweet, cats, nice, creative, wonderful, teracotta, svds, d-rose, pretty, artwork, unique Tags
Anteater Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.354 Accession
animal, faberge, cute, creature, jasper Tags
Aphrodite Title
330-146 BC Period
23.99 Accession
loveandmarriage Tags
At Sea
At Sea Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.135 Accession
ship, sea, ocean, boat, storm, waves, seafever Tags
Bachman's Finch
Bachman's Finch Title
1833 Period
93.143 Accession
Boston Street Scene (Boston Common)
Boston Street Scene (Boston Common) Title
1898-99 Period
37.2766 Accession
century, african, american, award, black, pretty, street, boston, african-american, teacher, resource, kit, impressionism, bostonian, encountering, landscapes Tags
Bottle Vase
Bottle Vase Title
1700-1722 Period
49.1736 Accession
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily
Clearing Up--Coast of Sicily Title
1847 Period
37.116 Accession
century, achenbach, dusseldorf, german, romantic, sea, sicily, storm, wolfe, ocean, water, nature, shipwreck, waves, sunset, trees, seafever, italy Tags
Crocodile Effigy Pendant
Crocodile Effigy Pendant Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.273 Accession
creature Tags
Dog Effigy Vessel
Dog Effigy Vessel Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.176 Accession
creature Tags
Incense Burner or Hand Warmer
Incense Burner or Hand Warmer Title
15th-16th century (late Medieval) Period
54.2236 Accession
Lilies and Butterflies
Lilies and Butterflies Title
1730 Period
35.141 Accession
Morning in the Tropics
Morning in the Tropics Title
ca. 1858 Period
37.147 Accession
humidity, landscape, water, tropical, morning, teacher, resource, kit, romanticism, ecuador, american, landscapes Tags
Napoleon III
Napoleon III Title
ca. 1865 Period
37.146 Accession
french, royalty, portrait Tags
Nymph Title
1898 Period
38.170 Accession
american, watercolor, nude, woman, river, myth, nymph, landscape, wooded, young, bathing, ideal, miniature, ivory, ebony, wood, william, jacob, baer, painting, gorgeous Tags
Pandora Title
1873 Period
37.99 Accession
rule-breakers, myth, woman, portrait, troublemaker Tags
Qur'an Title
1230 AH/AD 1814-1815 (?) Period
W.567 Accession
Route to Versailles, Louveciennes
Route to Versailles, Louveciennes Title
1869 Period
37.1989 Accession
louveciennes, franco-prussian, snow, townscape, impressionism, shadows Tags
Springtime Title
1872 Period
37.11 Accession
century, garden, young, woman, green, monet, camille, reading, springtime, teacher, resource, kit, hat, tranquility, impressionism, claude, spring, sunlight, shadow, sun, bonnet, renoir, flower, bain, flowers, retratos Tags
Swallow-tailed Hawk
Swallow-tailed Hawk Title
1827-1838 Period
93.66 Accession
swallow Tags
The Death of Adonis
The Death of Adonis Title
after 1888 Period
27.491 Accession
nudity Tags
The Old Mill
The Old Mill Title
1820 Period
37.15 Accession
Vase with Flowering Cherry and Birds
Vase with Flowering Cherry and Birds Title
ca. 1910 Period
44.708 Accession
creature Tags
Watch with Double Case depicting Adonis and Venus
Watch with Double Case depicting Adonis and Venus Title
ca. 1760 Period
58.37 Accession
Windmills Near Zaandam
Windmills Near Zaandam Title
1871 Period
37.894 Accession
windmill, grass, bridge, water, boat, impressionism, dutch, tranquility, landscapes Tags