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"Homme au tutu"
"Homme au tutu" Title
n.d. Period
37.2792 Accession
ballet, bizarre, campy, drawing, man, tutu, watercolor, creature, creepy, shoes, wings, boots, beard, gesture, crossdresser, hare, silly, baby Tags
"Homme en Grande Bottes"
"Homme en Grande Bottes" Title
n.d. Period
37.2790 Accession
watercolor, drawing, creature, shoes, boots, nose, shadow Tags
Altar Cloth
Altar Cloth Title
17th century (Early Modern) Period
83.275 Accession
altar Tags
Antefix with Head of Silenus
Antefix with Head of Silenus Title
4th century BCE (Classical) Period
48.354 Accession
antefix, head, silenus, half-beast, half-man, red-face, terracotta, ceramics, beard Tags
Diana and Her Nymphs after Their Hunt
Diana and Her Nymphs after Their Hunt Title
1630-1639 (Baroque) Period
37.2498 Accession
mythological, sensuality, flemish Tags
Eucharistic Dove
Eucharistic Dove Title
early 13th century (Medieval) Period
44.3 Accession
creature Tags
Figurative Bottle
Figurative Bottle Title
200 BC-AD 100 (Early Horizon-Early Intermediate) Period
48.2852 Accession
peruvian, bottle, ceramic, face Tags
Girl Teasing a Cat
Girl Teasing a Cat Title
ca. 1630 (Baroque) Period
37.2659 Accession
genre, chiaroscuro, sensual, utrecht, cat, teasing, skin, naughty, tenebrism Tags
Gospels Title
late 10th century (Medieval) Period
W.3 Accession
Horse-Head Fibula
Horse-Head Fibula Title
early 5th century (Early Medieval) Period
57.482 Accession
horse, creature Tags
Krishna Title
late 10th century CE (Chola) Period
54.2850 Accession
krishna, aa1, bain Tags
Lion Title
6th century BC (Archaic) Period
54.89 Accession
creature Tags
Right Half of a Diptych with the Virgin and Child
Right Half of a Diptych with the Virgin and Child Title
ca. 1500 (Early Modern) Period
36.15 Accession
icon Tags
Seated Woman
Seated Woman Title
300 BC-AD 200 Period
2009.20.168 Accession
odd, fat Tags
Skull Effigy Pendant
Skull Effigy Pendant Title
300 BCE - 100 CE (?) or possibly 20th century Period
2009.20.221 Accession
skull, death, scary, cute, awesome, maya, dead, weird, piano, heartnose Tags
Snake Ring
Snake Ring Title
1st century BC-AD 1st century Period
57.1539 Accession
creature Tags
The Archangel Michael
The Archangel Michael Title
17th century (Baroque) Period
71.490 Accession
Virgin and Child
Virgin and Child Title
4th quarter 13th century (Medieval) Period
71.285 Accession