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ancient near east

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Cylinder Seal with a Lion Hunt
Cylinder Seal with a Lion Hunt Title
800-600 BC (Neo-Elamite) Period
42.797 Accession
lion Tags
Cylinder Seal with Winged Bull
Cylinder Seal with Winged Bull Title
1400-1200 BC (Middle Assyrian) Period
42.733 Accession
Finial with Two Felines
Finial with Two Felines Title
8th-7th century BC (Iron Age) Period
54.115 Accession
luristan, finial, bronze, lions, iran Tags
Relief with Dromedary Rider
Relief with Dromedary Rider Title
10th century BCE (Neo-Hittite/Hurritic) Period
21.15 Accession
camel, arab, syria, limestone, relief, dromedary Tags
Relief with Goat
Relief with Goat Title
10th-9th century BCE (Neo-Hittite/Hurritic) Period
21.17 Accession
kapara, goat, relief, neo-hittite Tags