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A Glass of Lemonade
A Glass of Lemonade Title
ca. 1664 (Baroque) Period
37.341 Accession
genre, satiny, lemonade Tags
A Venetian Courtyard
A Venetian Courtyard Title
ca. 1770s (Baroque) Period
37.607 Accession
venice, architecture, stairs, work, dog Tags
Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria
Alexander the Great Founding Alexandria Title
1736-1737 (Baroque) Period
37.790 Accession
military, alexander, modello, egyptian, imperialism, dog Tags
Allegory of Arithmetic
Allegory of Arithmetic Title
1650 Period
37.1917 Accession
arithmetic, tenebrism, baroque, giambologna Tags
Allegory of Grammar
Allegory of Grammar Title
1650 (Baroque) Period
37.862 Accession
erudition, latin, tenebrism, flowers Tags
Head of Saint John the Baptist Presented to Salome
Head of Saint John the Baptist Presented to Salome Title
ca. 1620-1624 (Baroque) Period
37.329 Accession
ouch, salome, baptist, architecture, religious, ornate, copper, baroque Tags
Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Interior Title
1650-1670 (Baroque) Period
37.2809 Accession
sombre, genre, working, kitchen, edbm Tags
Peasants near Roman Ruins
Peasants near Roman Ruins Title
ca. 1760 (Baroque) Period
37.1151 Accession
neoclassical, romanruins, romanticism, idealization, pyramid Tags
Plaque with the Annunciation
Plaque with the Annunciation Title
1605 (Baroque) Period
44.346 Accession
Saint Jerome in His Study
Saint Jerome in His Study Title
ca. 1530 (Renaissance) Period
37.256 Accession
erudition, latin, skull Tags
The Adoration of the Three Kings
The Adoration of the Three Kings Title
ca. 1525-1530 (Renaissance) Period
37.261 Accession
face, magi, african, angels, family, baby, renaissance, oil, csa, reyes, encountering, landscapes Tags
The Last Judgment
The Last Judgment Title
1553-1554 (Renaissance) Period
37.262 Accession
mystic, demons, devil, antichrist, rmurda, blue, green, yellow, warm, colors, painting, illuminati, kanye, jay-z, chrisbrown, creature, angels, skullsandbones, netherlandish Tags
The Potato Harvest
The Potato Harvest Title
1855 Period
37.115 Accession
potato, realism, romantic, agrarian Tags
The Sacrificial Lamb
The Sacrificial Lamb Title
ca. 1670-1684 Period
37.1193 Accession
sevillian, passover, female, portugal Tags
Vision of Cornelius the Centurion
Vision of Cornelius the Centurion Title
1664 (Baroque) Period
37.2492 Accession
christian, devotional, baptism Tags