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"Alabastron" with Silver Case
"Alabastron" with Silver Case Title
1st century CE or modern (Roman Imperial or modern) Period
57.932 Accession
alabastron, beard, pan, roman, old-man, glass, gilt, case, silver, wizard-gandalf, fish Tags
"Albarello" with a Shepherdess Lifting Her Skirt
"Albarello" with a Shepherdess Lifting Her Skirt Title
ca. 1500-1520 (Renaissance) Period
48.2234 Accession
albarello, ceramic, lady, shepherdess, skirt, vase, ocean, maiolica, italian, fat Tags
"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief)
"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief) Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.15 Accession
american, feather, indian, deerskin, necklace, watercolor, woman, native, earrings, headdress, beads, portrait, chief, nativeamerican, crow, aztec, jewelry, ivoryfigurines, ivory Tags