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"Alabastron" with Silver Case
"Alabastron" with Silver Case Title
1st century CE or modern (Roman Imperial or modern) Period
57.932 Accession
alabastron, beard, pan, roman, old-man, glass, gilt, case, silver, wizard-gandalf, fish Tags
"Albarello" with a Shepherdess Lifting Her Skirt
"Albarello" with a Shepherdess Lifting Her Skirt Title
ca. 1500-1520 (Renaissance) Period
48.2234 Accession
albarello, ceramic, lady, shepherdess, skirt, vase, ocean, maiolica, italian, fat, 404 Tags
"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief)
"Big Bowl" (A Crow Chief) Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.15 Accession
american, feather, indian, deerskin, necklace, watercolor, woman, native, earrings, headdress, beads, portrait, chief, nativeamerican, nativeaerican, crow, aztec, jewelry, ivoryfigurines, ivory, fuck, ass, asss, asssss, asssssssss, assssssssssssssss Tags