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Corps humain Mésopotamie

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"Tel Halaf" Fertility Figurine
"Tel Halaf" Fertility Figurine Title
5000-4000 BC Period
48.2741 Accession
walters, oldest, item, voluptuous, body, halaf, snakes, fertility Tags
Bearded Figurine with Necklace
Bearded Figurine with Necklace Title
2400-2000 BC Period
48.2401 Accession
beard, syria, figurine, terracotta Tags
Deity Holding a Foundation Peg
Deity Holding a Foundation Peg Title
ca. 2100 BC (Neo-Sumerian, Ur III) Period
54.790 Accession
staus, peg, fountain Tags
Headless Male Figure Wearing Kanaches
Headless Male Figure Wearing Kanaches Title
3000 BC (Early Dynastic) Period
21.4 Accession
orginal, zombie, headless, really really old Tags
Male Worshiper
Male Worshiper Title
2500-2250 BC (Early Dynastic IIIb) Period
21.5 Accession
weird, votive, inscription Tags
Nude Female Figurine
Nude Female Figurine Title
2000-1600 BC Period
48.2402 Accession
terracotta Tags