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Amphibian Pendant
Amphibian Pendant Title
ca. 800-1500 (Pre-Colombian) Period
57.301 Accession
ancient, americas, gold, panama, sculpture, southamerica, pendant, jewelry, frog, crocodile, shark, iguana, ancientamericas, ancientamerica, centralamerica, pre-columbian, chiriqui Tags
Avian Pendant
Avian Pendant Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.82 Accession
creature, bird, gold, southamerica, panama, ancient, americas, pendant, jewelry, flute Tags
Captive Figure
Captive Figure Title
AD 900-1200 (late Period V-early Period VI) Period
2009.20.207 Accession
Effigy Metate (Grinding Stone)
Effigy Metate (Grinding Stone) Title
AD 700-1550 (Late Period V–Period VI) Period
2009.20.171 Accession
Frog Pendant
Frog Pendant Title
800-1521 (Pre-Early Conquest) Period
57.299 Accession
creature Tags
Human Effigy Pendant
Human Effigy Pendant Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.72 Accession
Human Effigy Pendant
Human Effigy Pendant Title
AD 400-1500 (Late Period IV–VI) Period
2009.20.74 Accession
Mask Title
1450-1521 (Late Postclassic) Period
2009.20.1 Accession
mask, bighead Tags