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Aquamanile (Handwasher) in the Form of a Cheetah
Aquamanile (Handwasher) in the Form of a Cheetah Title
11th-13th century (Medieval) Period
54.2434 Accession
bronze, cat, squirrel, library, creature, islamic, fearsome, metal, cheetah, animal, edbm, tothehunt Tags
Eccentric Title
AD 250-850 (Classic (?)) Period
2009.20.235 Accession
Helmet Ornament with a Pea Pod
Helmet Ornament with a Pea Pod Title
1st half 19th century (late Edo) Period
51.1436 Accession
Lobster Effigy Vessel
Lobster Effigy Vessel Title
AD 300-600 (Early Intermediate Phases IIII-IV) Period
2009.20.55 Accession
peruvian, anime, creature, lobster Tags
Mummy Mask with Wig
Mummy Mask with Wig Title
1000-1450 (Late Intermediate) Period
61.355 Accession
mask, tiny Tags
Padlock with Key
Padlock with Key Title
17th-18th century (Baroque) Period
52.176 Accession