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"Aquilla" (Drinking Cup)
"Aquilla" (Drinking Cup) Title
1100-1500 (Late Intermediate-Late Horizon) Period
57.2307 Accession
muerteyvida Tags
Andean Textile Fragment
Andean Textile Fragment Title
16th century (Colonial) Period
83.769 Accession
peru, southamerica, weaving, tapestry, textile, cloth, pattern, colonial, birds, geometric, americas, ancientamerica, ancientamericas, pre-columbian, camelid-wool, fragment Tags
Post with a Carved Face
Post with a Carved Face Title
1000-1470 (Late Intermediate) Period
61.351 Accession
muerteyvida Tags
Post with Carved Faces
Post with Carved Faces Title
1000-1470 CE (Late Intermediate) Period
61.352 Accession