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Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

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Landscape with Bridge
Landscape with Bridge Title
ca. 1865-1870 Period
37.152 Accession
landscape, water, boat, bridge, sky Tags
St. Sebastian Succoured by Holy Women
St. Sebastian Succoured by Holy Women Title
1851-1873 Period
37.192 Accession
saint, library Tags
Study for Saint Sebastian
Study for Saint Sebastian Title
ca. 1867 Period
37.1286 Accession
Study of Saint Sebastian
Study of Saint Sebastian Title
1852 Period
37.1582 Accession
The Evening Star
The Evening Star Title
1864 Period
37.154 Accession
landscape, barbizon, reflection Tags
The Fisherman's Cottage
The Fisherman's Cottage Title
1871 Period
37.164 Accession
The Willows of Marissel
The Willows of Marissel Title
1857 Period
37.194 Accession
tree, walking, barbizon, arboreal Tags
Two Italian Peasants
Two Italian Peasants Title
1843 (?) Period
37.201 Accession