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Arab Fantasia
Arab Fantasia Title
1867 Period
37.191 Accession
orientalism, arabs, action, timur Tags
Buddha Title
ca. 590 (Sui) Period
25.9 Accession
amitabha, buddha, china, enlightened, medieval, meditation, oldest, sakyamuni, sculpture, zen, teacher, resourcekit, resource, kit, seated, laquer, lacquer Tags
Old '76 and Young '48
Old '76 and Young '48 Title
1849 Period
37.2370 Accession
family, dog, old, young, interior, american, carpet Tags
The Fall of Phaethon
The Fall of Phaethon Title
1531-1535 (Renaissance) Period
41.69 Accession
The Goose Girl
The Goose Girl Title
ca. 1863 Period
37.153 Accession
realism Tags
The Rare Vase
The Rare Vase Title
1870 Period
37.148 Accession