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Calligraphic Verses
Calligraphic Verses Title
Painting: 12th century AH/AD 18th century; Calligraphy: 990 AH/AD 1582-1583 (Safavid) Period
W.713.B Accession
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Qur'an Title
6th century AH/AD 12th century Period
W.556 Accession
goatskin, calligraphy Tags
Rochester New Testament
Rochester New Testament Title
ca. 1130 (Medieval) Period
W.18 Accession
calligraphy, dragon, green Tags
Turban Helmet with Eye Holes
Turban Helmet with Eye Holes Title
ca. 1450-1500 (late Medieval) Period
51.70 Accession
allah, beauty, calligraphy, islam, indo-persian Tags