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A Deer Hunt
A Deer Hunt Title
ca. 1775 Period
W.854 Accession
creature, hunting, deer, sadness, goats, mountiamgoats, montian, and, his, girlfriends, mountian, goat, girlfriens, haterd, forceful, sad, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, zknow, know, my, abc, next, time, wont, you, sing, with, me, z, tgr, fesg, fdgs, fgd, gfds, sdfg, sdf, df, gdf, gdfg, dfg, dfgdfgrtwr, wter, wer, wert, rewt, we, er, tr, ttr, tre, terw, adas, sax, sd, fds, fdsfsd, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9101112131415161718191021223242522627282920, w374689766276976234593656384968543487887635445874624243456264346842756, 1234567898765434567wr346r76w9374r9w6ey734627655537853859275810703477777777058753867056732870167801043548123757468456746235452346542535568765852434576354164286377514254356112385613546 Tags
A Stream in the Adirondacks
A Stream in the Adirondacks Title
1859 Period
37.103 Accession
hudson, river, landscape, stream, animals, deer, mountains, american Tags
Allegory of Hearing
Allegory of Hearing Title
1733-1745 Period
48.929 Accession
allegory, hearing, sound, music, lute, child, animal, deer, porcelain, woman, singing Tags
Automaton with Diana on a Stag
Automaton with Diana on a Stag Title
ca. 1620-1635 (?); early 19th century (?) Period
57.923 Accession
english, myth, deer, dogs, decanter, diana, automaton, motorized, excess, gilt, hunt, banquet, centerpiece, artemis, goddess, metropolitanmuseum, stag, edbm Tags
Doe Lying Down
Doe Lying Down Title
19th century Period
27.30 Accession
doe, deer, sculpture, animal, bronze Tags
Fallow Deer Attacked by Two Algerian Greyhounds
Fallow Deer Attacked by Two Algerian Greyhounds Title
modeled ca. 1830 Period
27.147 Accession
deer, dog, animals, bronze, sculpture, death, action, creature, animal Tags
Fawn Lying Down
Fawn Lying Down Title
19th century Period
27.26 Accession
deer, rest, sculpture, animal, bronze Tags
Frightened Stag
Frightened Stag Title
19th century Period
27.35 Accession
deer, sculpture, bronze, animal, creature Tags
Java Deer
Java Deer Title
first issued ca. 1838 Period
27.94 Accession
creature, deer, animal, sculpture, bronze Tags
Landscape with Rocks
Landscape with Rocks Title
ca. 1860s Period
37.2083 Accession
drawing, landscape, deer, animals Tags
Lion Devouring a Doe
Lion Devouring a Doe Title
1837 Period
27.39 Accession
lion, deer, animals, death, sculpture, bronze Tags
Writer's Seal with Grazing Deer
Writer's Seal with Grazing Deer Title
19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
71.891 Accession
creature, deer Tags