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Chest with Writing
Chest with Writing Title
ca. 1st century BCE (Ptolemaic-Roman) Period
61.271 Accession
sobek, crocodile, offering, god, deity Tags
Dancing Ganesha
Dancing Ganesha Title
15th-16th century Period
54.3011 Accession
jesus, elephant, god, hindu, creature, deity, ganesha, dirty, rusty, dancing Tags
Head of Athena Wearing Corinthian Helmet
Head of Athena Wearing Corinthian Helmet Title
3rd century BC (Hellenistic) Period
54.916 Accession
athena, athene, goddess, deity Tags
Macuilxochitl (Aztec deity)
Macuilxochitl (Aztec deity) Title
1400-1520 Period
29.1 Accession
xochipilli, music, dance, sex, deity Tags
Shiva Title
14th-15th century Period
54.2648 Accession
hindu, deity, shiva Tags
Shiva Title
10th century CE Period
25.254 Accession
shiva, hindu, deity, aa1, bain Tags