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A Florentine Lady
A Florentine Lady Title
ca. 1892 Period
71.446 Accession
costume, collar, bust, sculpture, ivory, woman, tiffany, elegance, boldness, dignity Tags
African Venus
African Venus Title
1851 Period
54.2665 Accession
slavery, french, bust, sculpture, bronze, portrait, woman, venus, gold, teacher, resource, kit, beyond, african, black, beautiful, power, royalty, hair, dreadlocks, wisdom, beauty, feminine, female, strength, strong, dignity, nobility, noble, victoria, queen, african-american Tags
Portrait of a Husband
Portrait of a Husband Title
1647 (Baroque) Period
37.2495 Accession
portrait, dignity Tags
Portrait of Jan Pellicorne
Portrait of Jan Pellicorne Title
ca. 1626 (Baroque) Period
38.226 Accession
portrait, dignity, merchant, copper Tags
Portrait of Susanna van Collen
Portrait of Susanna van Collen Title
ca. 1626 (Baroque) Period
38.227 Accession
dignity, portrait, copper Tags
Saïd Abdullah of the Mayac, Kingdom of the Darfur (Sudan)
Saïd Abdullah of the Mayac, Kingdom of the Darfur (Sudan) Title
1848 Period
54.2664 Accession
teacher, resource, kit, nobility, noble, dignity, african, african-american, black, strong, wise, confident, hair, bronze, sculpture, cape, cloak, paris, france, queen, victoria, royalty Tags