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Baboon Title
mid 4th millennium BC (Predynastic) Period
71.526 Accession
creature, seal, baboon, duck Tags
Black-figure Lekythos
Black-figure Lekythos Title
6th century BC Period
48.51 Accession
cow, vase, duck, tall Tags
Dog in Rushes
Dog in Rushes Title
19th century Period
27.188 Accession
dog, animals, duck, marsh, hunting, sculpture, bronze Tags
Duck Title
18th-19th century (Edo; Meiji) Period
71.1051 Accession
creature, duck, toy, spermwhale, tooth, popcorn Tags
Duck Title
ca. 3000 BC Period
42.1455 Accession
creature, duck, fat Tags
Ducks in a Lotus Pond
Ducks in a Lotus Pond Title
17th-18th century (Qing) Period
35.66 Accession
ink, chinese, beautiful, silk, seedpod, leaves, duck, birds, flower, lotus, painting, flowers Tags
Incense Container ("Kogo") in the Form of a Mandarin Duck
Incense Container ("Kogo") in the Form of a Mandarin Duck Title
early 19th century (Edo) Period
49.342 Accession
creature, duck Tags
Seated Male Figure
Seated Male Figure Title
750-700 BC (Late Geometric) Period
54.789 Accession
drinking, 3frdyjhb7unjh, duck, man Tags
Tiger at Rest
Tiger at Rest Title
ca. 1830s-1840s Period
37.834 Accession
cat, library, squirrel, rest, creature, adorable, laying, lay, stripes, puff, fluff, fast, faster, fastcat, big, runnercat, fabulous, gorgeous, cool, wow, puppy, amazing, black, love, bad, baby, bee, boy, samll, duck, badboy, small, good, god, srippedcat, sexy, horsepoop, mermaid, naked, thisissoooooooocuteicanttakeit, huge Tags
Vase in the Shape of a Duck
Vase in the Shape of a Duck Title
3rd-2nd century BC (Ptolemaic) Period
48.421 Accession
creature, fancy, duck, alexandria Tags