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"Rhyton" with Griffins
"Rhyton" with Griffins Title
3rd-2nd century BC (Hellenistic-Ptolemaic) Period
48.368 Accession
faience, griffins, vessel, make, really, cool, period, drinking-horn, gryphons, egypt, ahorn, gay, fun, sexy, harambe, datboi, lookatthisdood, weird, dab, stuipid, doubledab, naked, nahdog, girly, tripledab, woman, hey, yall, doublegayx9999, nahduh Tags
Cylinder Seal with Two Heroes and a Tree
Cylinder Seal with Two Heroes and a Tree Title
1500-1300 BC (Mitannian) Period
42.992 Accession
faience, cylinder, seal Tags
Faience Bowl
Faience Bowl Title
1550-1450 BC (New Kingdom) Period
48.451 Accession
teacher, resource, kit, glaze, blue, pottery, faience, egypt Tags