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Head of an Old Testament King
Head of an Old Testament King Title
ca. 1140 (Medieval) Period
27.21 Accession
postcards, from, walters, french, medieval, judaic Tags
Madonna of the Candelabra
Madonna of the Candelabra Title
ca. 1513 (Renaissance) Period
37.484 Accession
baby, child, halo, madonna, mother, postcards, from, walters, usps, stamp, virgin, christmas, christ Tags
Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph Title
ca. 1475-1500 (early Renaissance) Period
27.531 Accession
postcards, from, walters, meninart, csa, vbs18 Tags
Scipio Africanus Freeing Massiva
Scipio Africanus Freeing Massiva Title
1719-1721 (Baroque) Period
37.657 Accession
postcards, from, walters, scipio, numidia, massiva, roman, encountering, perilousfight Tags
The "Rubens Vase"
The "Rubens Vase" Title
ca. 400 (Late Antique) Period
42.562 Accession
medieval, postcards, from, walters, silly, putty, unique, vase, satyr, byzantine, teacher, resource, kit Tags
The Risen Christ
The Risen Christ Title
1673-1674 (Baroque) Period
54.2281 Accession
greek, jesus, postcards, from, walters, drapery Tags