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"Axe god" Pendant
"Axe god" Pendant Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.118 Accession
jaeite, costarica, cool, good, jadeite, stone, carved, sculpture, axegod, pendant, jewelry, ornament, adornment, green, ancientamericas, centralamerica, ancient, ancientamerica, narwhals, wow Tags
Apis Bull
Apis Bull Title
664-332 BC (Late Period) Period
48.1649 Accession
creature, amulets, loop, holy, bull, apis, glaze , green, egyptian Tags
Assemblage from a Warrior's Burial
Assemblage from a Warrior's Burial Title
6th century BC (Archaic) Period
54.2456 Accession
green, teacher, resource, kit, helmet, trojan, losthero, perilousfight Tags
Baboon Title
4th-1st century BC (Late Period-Greco-Roman) Period
48.1551 Accession
monkey, creature, baboon, egyptian, ceramics, green Tags
Bordeaux, the Harbor
Bordeaux, the Harbor Title
1874 Period
37.841 Accession
boats, harbor, sea, ocean, green, world Tags
Coiled-Dragon Vase
Coiled-Dragon Vase Title
1710-1722 Period
49.1125 Accession
dragon, dragontour, creature, cool, wow, common, green, girl Tags
Figural Pendant
Figural Pendant Title
AD 250-450 (Early Classic) Period
2009.20.263 Accession
green Tags
Hippopotamus Title
ca. 1900 Period
42.355 Accession
green, creature, cute, hippo, baby, chubby Tags
One of a Pair of Pitchers (Vase en burette)
One of a Pair of Pitchers (Vase en burette) Title
ca. 1767 Period
48.765 Accession
sevres, green, flowers, trophies, porcelain Tags
One of a Pair of Pitchers (Vase en burette)
One of a Pair of Pitchers (Vase en burette) Title
ca. 1767 Period
48.764 Accession
flowers, trophies, wreaths, green, sevres, flower Tags
Phra Tham
Phra Tham Title
1965 Period
2010.12.25 Accession
green Tags
Rochester New Testament
Rochester New Testament Title
ca. 1130 (Medieval) Period
W.18 Accession
calligraphy, dragon, green Tags
Springtime Title
1872 Period
37.11 Accession
century, garden, young, woman, green, monet, camille, reading, springtime, teacher, resource, kit, hat, tranquility, impressionism, claude, spring, sunlight, shadow, sun, bonnet, renoir, flower, bain, flowers, retratos Tags
The Last Judgment
The Last Judgment Title
1553-1554 (Renaissance) Period
37.262 Accession
mystic, demons, devil, antichrist, blue, green, yellow, warm, colors, painting, illuminati, creature, angels, skullsandbones, netherlandish Tags
Wine Vessel
Wine Vessel Title
ca. 12th century BC Period
54.2184 Accession
cup, beautiful, green, drinking, china, bronze , chinese, vessel, wine Tags