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Pair of Architectural Terminals
Pair of Architectural Terminals Title
16th century Period
VO.97 (49.2378, 49.2379) Accession
dragon, fierce, horse Tags
Pair of Sculptures: Women on Horseback
Pair of Sculptures: Women on Horseback Title
7th-8th century (T'ang dynasty) Period
49.2329 Accession
ceramic, horse Tags
Prayer Nut Pendant
Prayer Nut Pendant Title
1500-1525 (Renaissance) Period
61.132 Accession
castle, horse Tags
Riderless Racers at Rome
Riderless Racers at Rome Title
1817 Period
37.189 Accession
horse, creature Tags
Set of Horse Trappings
Set of Horse Trappings Title
4th-5th century (Early Medieval) Period
VO.74 (57.1050, 57.1051, 57.1052, 57.1060) Accession
medieval, handle, ornamental, hunnish, gold, gemstones , set, trappings, horse Tags
The Swinford Funeral
The Swinford Funeral Title
1918 Period
37.2630 Accession
funeral, casket, mourners, procession, horse, irish, fabric Tags
Turkish Horse, No. 2
Turkish Horse, No. 2 Title
modeled ca. 1844 Period
27.67 Accession
creature, horse, equine Tags
Vase with Cover (Vase ferré)
Vase with Cover (Vase ferré) Title
1763 Period
48.572 Accession
sevres, horse, river Tags
Wind God
Wind God Title
ca. 1915 (Taisho) Period
52.158 Accession
creature, horse, monster, god, poop Tags
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