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Buddha Title
ca. 600 Period
54.3025 Accession
top, shining, big-ears, smile, buddhism, indian, lotus, sit, buddha, bronze , peace, lotos Tags
Ducks in a Lotus Pond
Ducks in a Lotus Pond Title
17th-18th century (Qing) Period
35.66 Accession
ink, chinese, beautiful, silk, seedpod, leaves, duck, birds, flower, lotus, painting, flowers Tags
Juvenile God on Lotus
Juvenile God on Lotus Title
ca. 664-332 BCE (Late Period) Period
54.419 Accession
juvenile, lotus, nude Tags
Lotus Bowl
Lotus Bowl Title
3rd century BC (Hellenistic-Ptolemaic) Period
48.366 Accession
lotus, bowl Tags
Lotus-Shaped Chalice
Lotus-Shaped Chalice Title
1290-1070 BC (New Kingdom) Period
48.416 Accession
lotus Tags
Wine Cup and Stand
Wine Cup and Stand Title
2nd half 12th century (Goryeo [Koryo]) Period
49.2673 Accession
lotus Tags