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"Venus" (Seated Woman)
"Venus" (Seated Woman) Title
after 1769 Period
27.306 Accession
nude, venus, sculpture, marble, myth, woman, grace, aww, hope, roses, quiver, drapery, love Tags
'Twixt Venus and Bacchus
'Twixt Venus and Bacchus Title
1882 Period
37.974 Accession
fountain, mirror, angels, victoire, fine, marble Tags
A Roman Emperor
A Roman Emperor Title
1710-1740 Period
27.532 Accession
marble, sculpture, french, roman, royalty Tags
Architecture Title
18th-19th century Period
27.458 Accession
marble, medici, nude, statue, grace, allegory Tags
Ariadne Deserted on the Isle of Naxos
Ariadne Deserted on the Isle of Naxos Title
1903 Period
28.6 Accession
dispair, marble, sculpture, nude, woman, myth Tags
Bust of Dr. Dio Lewis
Bust of Dr. Dio Lewis Title
1868 Period
27.605 Accession
century, african, american, black, marilyn, richardson, neoclassical, marble, sculpture, african-american, teacher, resource, kit, white, invincible Tags
Bust of Fontenelle
Bust of Fontenelle Title
mid-late 18th century Period
27.503 Accession
bust, sculpture, marble, portrait Tags
Bust of Jean Racine
Bust of Jean Racine Title
ca. 1779 Period
27.502 Accession
bust, portrait, marble, wig Tags
Bust of Jennie Walters
Bust of Jennie Walters Title
1874 Period
28.20 Accession
bust, walters, woman, american, marble Tags
Cycladic Female Figurine
Cycladic Female Figurine Title
ca. 2500-2400 BC (Early Cycladic II) Period
23.253 Accession
abstract, geometric, greek, pegasus, marble, cycladic, teacher, resource, kit, idol, figurine, woman, naked Tags
Emperor Wearing a Toga
Emperor Wearing a Toga Title
AD 1st century; Restored head: 18th century Period
23.226 Accession
walking, teacher, resource, kit, ruler, toga, marble, missingarm, vidic, ben, edward, jesse, michelle, christian, maxine, brodie, nick, harry, ruby, liana, shoes Tags
First Disappointment
First Disappointment Title
1861 Period
28.11 Accession
century, marble, sculpture, child, peasant, girl, american, teacher, resource, kit Tags
Ganymede Title
1777-1787 Period
27.512 Accession
myth, eagle, bird, sculpture, marble Tags
Hermophroditus Title
1st century Period
23.167 Accession
hermaphrodite, sculpture, marble Tags
Nude with Butterfly
Nude with Butterfly Title
ca. 1896 Period
71.352 Accession
creature, nude, butterfly, woman, sculpture, ivory, marble Tags
Nymph Seated
Nymph Seated Title
18th century Period
27.390 Accession
nude, woman, scupture, sculpture, marble, nymph, myth Tags
Pygmalion and Galatea
Pygmalion and Galatea Title
1763 Period
27.387 Accession
marble, classicism, rococo Tags
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus Title
ca. 190 (Imperial) Period
23.31 Accession
spectacular, sculptures, satyr, giraffe, marble, lateantique, latin, rome, elephant, india, panther, bacchus, dionysus, lion, sarcophagus, snake, lizard, dionysian, skullsandbones Tags
Stamp Seal in the Form of a Reclining Calf
Stamp Seal in the Form of a Reclining Calf Title
ca. 3200-2900 BC (Jamdet Nasr) Period
42.540 Accession
creature, marble, calf Tags
The Dead Christ Supported by Angels
The Dead Christ Supported by Angels Title
ca. 1468 (early Renaissance) Period
27.198 Accession
skullsandbones, marble Tags
Virgin and Child Enthroned
Virgin and Child Enthroned Title
ca. 1515-1520 (Early Modern) Period
37.773 Accession
enthroned, baby, marble, flemish, renaissance, chiaroscuro, high-hairline, balance, central-vanishingpoint, coffered-vault, pyramid Tags
Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
Virgin and Child with Saint Anne Title
16th century Period
37.1069 Accession
marble Tags
Wing of a Reliquary Diptych with the Crucifixion and Saints
Wing of a Reliquary Diptych with the Crucifixion and Saints Title
ca. 1355-1370 (Medieval) Period
37.1686 Accession
medieval, tempera, goldleaf, glass, diptych, reliquary, marble, venetian Tags