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Byodo-in Temple in Winter
Byodo-in Temple in Winter Title
1860-1870 (Edo-Meiji) Period
35.148 Accession
calming, money, snow, winter, cool, love, awesome, beautiful, aww, warm, gorgeous, wonderful, thekiss, amazing, fogy, nice, peaceful, cold, reilgion, epic, simple, lovely, tree, house, neat, snowy, weird, pretty, death, deathy, kamari, mountain, temple, clouds, screen, kyoto, wow, great, iheartjapan, sad, manyshadows, prettyish, white, flowerdeigns, japan, smalltown, war, frozen, ice, lonley, icecream, art, barn, goldy, silversliver, murdershideout, asia, coocoo, amzing, living, snowyday, cat, like, too, chilly, falling, sleep, home, frozeninice, beautifal, panel, dundundhun, awsome, calminpeaseful, http://art.thewalters.org/detail/35616/kamigamo-shrine-in-summer/, hprettyttp://art.thewalters.org/detail/35616/kamigamo-shrine-in-summer/, yousuck, baby, http://art.thewalters.org/browse/tag/hprettyttp--artthewaltersorg-detail-35616-kamigamo-shrine-in-summer-/, dragon, oaktree, palmtree, appletree, plumtree, amazontree, youcrazytree, comebeatmefairandsquaretree, tr5drtftgyg7tiu Tags
Christ and the Tribute Money
Christ and the Tribute Money Title
ca. 1618-1620 (Baroque) Period
37.582 Accession
lorenzo, lott, lotto, impasto, christ, paint, money Tags
Dog Effigy
Dog Effigy Title
100 BC-AD 300 Period
2009.20.51 Accession
mexico, creature, money Tags
Still Life with Chinese Bowl and Vase of Flowers
Still Life with Chinese Bowl and Vase of Flowers Title
1635-1638 (Baroque) Period
37.1902 Accession
floral, flowers, grapes, money, edbm Tags
Woman Showered with Money From a Fountain
Woman Showered with Money From a Fountain Title
ca. 1790-1823 (Edo) Period
95.676 Accession
money, woman Tags