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Byodo-in Temple in Winter
Byodo-in Temple in Winter Title
1860-1870 (Edo-Meiji) Period
35.148 Accession
calming, money, snow, winter, cool, love, awesome, beautiful, aww, warm, gorgeous, wonderful, thekiss, amazing, fogy, nice, peaceful, cold, reilgion, epic, simple, lovely, tree, house, neat, snowy, weird, pretty, death, deathy, kamari, mountain, temple, clouds, screen, kyoto, wow, great, iheartjapan, sad, manyshadows, prettyish, white, flowerdeigns, japan, smalltown, war, frozen, ice, lonley, icecream, art, barn, goldy, silversliver, murdershideout, asia, coocoo, amzing, living, snowyday, cat, like, too, chilly, falling, sleep, home, frozeninice, beautifal, panel, dundundhun, awsome, calminpeaseful, http://art.thewalters.org/detail/35616/kamigamo-shrine-in-summer/, hprettyttp://art.thewalters.org/detail/35616/kamigamo-shrine-in-summer/, yousuck, baby, http://art.thewalters.org/browse/tag/hprettyttp--artthewaltersorg-detail-35616-kamigamo-shrine-in-summer-/, dragon, oaktree, palmtree, appletree, plumtree, amazontree, youcrazytree, comebeatmefairandsquaretree, tr5drtftgyg7tiu Tags
Figural Urn of Cocijo (Cociyo)
Figural Urn of Cocijo (Cociyo) Title
AD 300-600 (Early Classic) Period
48.2788 Accession
baltimore, panel, pictorial, writing, ceramic, effigy, mexico, tounge Tags
The Funeral of Saint Francis of Assisi
The Funeral of Saint Francis of Assisi Title
ca. 1430 (late Medieval) Period
37.456 Accession
medieval, tempera, umbrian, franciscan, panel Tags