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"Le Militaire"
"Le Militaire" Title
n.d. Period
37.2791 Accession
watercolor, paper, grace, 1870, cool, aww, military, commander, hat, plume, soilder, sword, caricature, uniform Tags
Bahram Gur in the Green Pavilion
Bahram Gur in the Green Pavilion Title
935 AH/AD 1529 (Safavid) Period
W.622.244B Accession
green, islamic, paper Tags
Krishna Kills Aghasura
Krishna Kills Aghasura Title
1675-1700 Period
W.890 Accession
pigment, paper, reptile Tags
The Angelus
The Angelus Title
ca. 1860 Period
37.903 Accession
angelus, jean, millet, conté, drawing, wove, paper, crayon, painting, peasant, chailly, couple, dead, death, work, life, labor, farm, farming, line, hashing, black, gray, shades, horizon, music Tags