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Adornment Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.79 Accession
peru, ancient, americas, southamerica, face, mask, gold, repousee, pattern, ugly Tags
Adornment Title
n.d. Period
2009.20.80 Accession
peru, ancient, ancientamericas, ancientamerica, gold, repousee, face, mask, pattern, brass Tags
Album Depicting Birds, Flowers, Landscapes, and Flower Pots
Album Depicting Birds, Flowers, Landscapes, and Flower Pots Title
1876 (Edo-Meiji) Period
35.174 Accession
japanese, silk, flowers, pattern, flower Tags
Album Depicting Small Birds
Album Depicting Small Birds Title
n.d. Period
35.172 Accession
silk, pattern, japanese, birds, album Tags
Album of Birds and Flowers
Album of Birds and Flowers Title
1747-1797 (Edo) Period
35.173 Accession
japanese, birds, flowers, pattern, silk, flower Tags
Andean Textile Fragment
Andean Textile Fragment Title
16th century (Colonial) Period
83.769 Accession
peru, southamerica, weaving, tapestry, textile, cloth, pattern, colonial, birds, geometric, americas, ancientamerica, ancientamericas, pre-columbian, camelid-wool, fragment Tags
Breast Ornament (?)
Breast Ornament (?) Title
7th century BC (Orientalizing) Period
57.707 Accession
jewelry, ornament, etruscan, silver, heads, animals, pattern Tags
Circular Covered Box
Circular Covered Box Title
ca. 1925 Period
44.692 Accession
box, enamel, pattern, flower, flowers Tags
Hydria Depicting a Wedding Procession
Hydria Depicting a Wedding Procession Title
ca. 520 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.33 Accession
awsome, milk, sayed, vase, wedding, good, cool, amazing, like, love, odd, horse, sexy, pretty, war, bloody, pattern, ordinary, epic, coocoo, hydra, vaese, lovely, surprising, nice, old, weird, wow, gods, heros, masterpeace, greek, schoolart, chariot, romance, lovebirds, beautiful, sweet, prettty, perry, royal, historical, guns, boom, black, preety, parade, arts, hoy, carage, carages, really, pot, hedes, murder, interesting, knight, cute, strang, ugly, anime, wonderful, wine, wheat, greekgods, greekgoddessestoo, heroofthemonth, hydria, beauty, lit, fire, thug, taste, aye, it, is, so, dope, bro, confusing, nude, sixtimesbettr, youtube, creepypasta, whyarepeoplesayingrandomstuff, why, are, people, saying, random, stuff, hmm, idk, its, annoying, though, okthen, theirisonegod, butwhatever, omgosh, eww, pecan-pie, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, o-m-goodness, omg-ook-at-her-butt, oldrusticbeautiful, itsok, low, wierd, items, terracota, dumb, 100011110001110101010101010000111111101011010101010101010101001010101010010101, art, horesedrawcarriage, gorgeus, wtf, hellabuddy, f, u, c, k, s, h, i, t, crap, penis, vagina Tags
Mirror Cover
Mirror Cover Title
18th century (Ottoman) Period
83.214 Accession
floral, pattern, flower, flowers Tags
Relief with Winged Genius
Relief with Winged Genius Title
883-859 BC (Neo-Assyrian) Period
21.8 Accession
joseph, brummer, man, wings, stone, creature, genius, king, cuneiform, feet, shoes, pattern, assyrian, nimrud, genie, relief, assyria, beautysecrets Tags
The Mondsee Gospels and Treasure Binding with the Evangelists and Crucifixion
The Mondsee Gospels and Treasure Binding with the Evangelists and Crucifixion Title
11th-12th century with later additions and alterations (Medieval) Period
W.8 Accession
pattern, religious Tags
Vase (Vase à oreilles nouveau)
Vase (Vase à oreilles nouveau) Title
1767 Period
48.607 Accession
vase, porcelain, pattern, gold, nouveau, pretty, sevres Tags
Vase with Leaf Pattern
Vase with Leaf Pattern Title
16th century (late Medieval) Period
48.1145 Accession
spanish, medieval, decoration, luster , earthenware, ceramics, leaf, pattern, vase Tags