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Fawn Lying Down
Fawn Lying Down Title
19th century Period
27.26 Accession
deer, rest, sculpture, animal, bronze Tags
Noon-day Rest
Noon-day Rest Title
1858-1860 Period
37.1940.139 Accession
sleeping, rest, native, american, indian, landscape, watercolor Tags
Nymphs Listening to the Songs of Orpheus
Nymphs Listening to the Songs of Orpheus Title
1853 Period
37.37 Accession
nymph, myth, women, rest, music Tags
Tiger at Rest
Tiger at Rest Title
ca. 1830s-1840s Period
37.834 Accession
cat, library, squirrel, rest, creature, adorable, laying, lay, stripes, puff, fluff, fast, faster, fastcat, big, runnercat, fabulous, gorgeous, cool, wow, puppy, amazing, black, love, bad, baby, bee, boy, samll, duck, badboy, small, good, god, srippedcat, sexy, horsepoop, mermaid, naked, thisissoooooooocuteicanttakeit, huge Tags