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Amphora with Running Satyrs
Amphora with Running Satyrs Title
ca. 500-490 BCE (Late Archaic) Period
48.7 Accession
satyr Tags
Amphora with Scenes of the Hermes and Dionysus
Amphora with Scenes of the Hermes and Dionysus Title
ca. 540-530 BCE (Archaic) Period
48.11 Accession
amazing, amphora, archaic, dionysus, hermes, satyr, terracotta, affecter, ancient, cheese, great, beautful, cool, awesome, dogtail, gods, god, godesss, spells, strong, special, persisting, rare, hand, made, phill, art, michael, jackson, mad, broken, chiped, weird, women, fun, time, eridan, ampora, cools, cooling, surprised, cracked, beautiful, wretched, nude, terrible, black-figure, greece, black, athens, greee, 2, cracked-royal, heyabigail, bird, cat, meany, mean, man, werid, sexy, ancientgreece, old, adorable, amphora-b, hidro, guys, interestin, sweet, amzing, cats, mafadoemefa, hhhhaaalllooobucko, bugerfur, nice, creative, aswome, wonderful, reallycool, teracotta, greekgods, lilpump, lilyachty, ganag, perfectlahgus, lance210, squadboy, suicidesquadf, ganagblood, lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, llllllllllolllllllllllllollllllllllllollllllllllllllllolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllollllllllllllklllllksklsdalcdkdcsfjsbvhbdsbssslsvdbshvsbshvbhsbbsibsibbbbdibsbidbvbudbhvvd, svsvvdspvi, sddsvsvd, dvs, svds, dv, dsdvf, d, dvsds, cjsocool, lilboat, drose, d-rose, lil-pump, lil-yachty, pretty, betiful, niceandbumby, lovetheart, blacvase, emma, artwork, oldrusticbeautiful, unique, itdum, butt, hawt, cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllll, i, want, to, kill, myself Tags
Apollo and Marsyas
Apollo and Marsyas Title
ca. 1640 (Baroque) Period
71.476 Accession
myth, ivory, satyr, apollo, flaying, lyre, pipes Tags
Bell Krater with Dionysiac Scenes
Bell Krater with Dionysiac Scenes Title
ca. 440 BCE (Classical) Period
48.74 Accession
satyr, krater, dionysus, thyrsus, edbm Tags
Bell Krater with Satyr and Maenad
Bell Krater with Satyr and Maenad Title
ca. 380 BC (Classical) Period
48.2760 Accession
satyr, dionysus Tags
Female Satyr with Putti
Female Satyr with Putti Title
2nd half 18th century Period
27.355 Accession
satyr, myth, putti, sculpture, terracotta, nude, woman, rococo Tags
Intaglio of Satyr Dancing
Intaglio of Satyr Dancing Title
2nd-1st century BC (Hellenistic (?)) Period
42.108 Accession
jewelry, gold, ring, roman, satyr Tags
One of a Pair of Vases (Vase à bandes)
One of a Pair of Vases (Vase à bandes) Title
1776 Period
48.561 Accession
satyr, sevres Tags
One of a Pair of Vases (Vase à bandes)
One of a Pair of Vases (Vase à bandes) Title
1776 Period
48.560 Accession
sevres, porcelain, ship, coast, satyr Tags
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus
Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus Title
ca. 190 (Imperial) Period
23.31 Accession
spectacular, sculptures, satyr, giraffe, marble, lateantique, latin, rome, elephant, india, panther, bacchus, dionysus, lion, sarcophagus, snake, lizard, dionysian, skullsandbones, roman, edbm, putti, muerteyvida Tags
Satyr Pouring Wine
Satyr Pouring Wine Title
Original: ca. 370-360 BC; Roman copy: 1st century BC-AD 1st century (Classical-Roman) Period
23.22 Accession
satyr, sicily Tags
The "Rubens Vase"
The "Rubens Vase" Title
ca. 400 (Late Antique) Period
42.562 Accession
medieval, postcards, from, walters, silly, putty, unique, vase, satyr, byzantine, teacher, resource, kit Tags