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Dutch Ships in High Seas off the Dutch Coast
Dutch Ships in High Seas off the Dutch Coast Title
1660-1669 (Baroque) Period
37.340 Accession
storm, seascape, marine, ships, seafever Tags
Landscape with Waterfall and Figures
Landscape with Waterfall and Figures Title
1768 Period
37.2411 Accession
landscape, waterfall, bridge, tree, mountain, italianate, sky, romanticism, seascape, landscapes Tags
On the Atlantic
On the Atlantic Title
19th century Period
37.2477 Accession
ocean, sea, waves, boat, seascape, storm, atlantic Tags
Ships at Sea
Ships at Sea Title
1660-1669 (Baroque) Period
37.2499 Accession
seascape, mercantile, marine, ship, trade, storm, dutch, flags, sails, sky, landscape, clouds, sailing, sea, ocean, painting, oilpainting, netherlands, baroque, seafever Tags
Shipwreck in a Storm
Shipwreck in a Storm Title
1629 (Baroque) Period
37.877 Accession
seascape, sombre, protestant, seafever Tags
Sunset on the Coast
Sunset on the Coast Title
ca. 1870-75 Period
37.120 Accession
sunset, boat, waves, sail, orange, ocean, seafever, seascape Tags