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Bodhisattva Guanyin
Bodhisattva Guanyin Title
late 14th-15th century (Ming) Period
25.256 Accession
delicate, compassionate, compassion, buddhist, buddhism, religious, icon, iconography, sitting, seated, gold, 14thcentury, 15thcentury, chinese, china, sculpture, lacquer, mingdynasty, bain, chinesegoddess Tags
Buddha Title
ca. 590 (Sui) Period
25.9 Accession
amitabha, buddha, china, enlightened, medieval, meditation, oldest, sakyamuni, sculpture, zen, teacher, resourcekit, resource, kit, seated, laquer, lacquer Tags
Portrait of a Woman
Portrait of a Woman Title
1846-1849 Period
37.2652 Accession
portrait, woman, seated Tags
Portrait of Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck
Portrait of Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck Title
1890 Period
37.1007 Accession
old, chancelor, uniform, seated Tags
Relief with Winged Genius
Relief with Winged Genius Title
883-859 BC (Neo-Assyrian) Period
21.9 Accession
seated, statue, nehy, stone, nimrud, assyria, genie, relief, genius Tags
Self-Portrait with Flowered Wallpaper
Self-Portrait with Flowered Wallpaper Title
1848-1850 (?) Period
37.2644 Accession
portrait, seated, hat, beard, dismay, selfie Tags
Statue of a Seated Cat
Statue of a Seated Cat Title
ca. 664-350 BC (Late Period) Period
54.403 Accession
creature, cat, ancient, egypt, gold, statue, seated, earrings Tags
The Important Response
The Important Response Title
19th century Period
37.140 Accession
letter, writing, woman, seated, dress, rug, carpet Tags