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Caryatid Mirror with Aphrodite
Caryatid Mirror with Aphrodite Title
ca. 460 BC (Classical) Period
54.769 Accession
siren, bird, losthero, loveandmarriage Tags
Kylix with Sirens
Kylix with Sirens Title
6th century BCE (Archaic) Period
48.37 Accession
awesome, man, awsome, real, greek, gunky, make, think, art, butiful, wounder, used, lovely, nice, vase, vessel, dirty, amazing, cute, pretty, cool, eyes, pat, creature, weird, alexander, bowl, different, artistic, reading, big, awsomw, macaroni, cheese, wow, beautiful, stop, too, siren, snape, killed, historic, sweet, round, something, nothing, dragon, multicolored, mom, harry, herimione, tree, bird, bird-man, makaden, sexy, wine, tommy, love, birdie, mutanthumanbirdthing, eyedfeathers, supah_cool, hentai, sataicsanic, honeybobo, trump, hackedlolhackedlol, huehuehueheuhehhueuehueuheuuuehueuehueuehuuhehuehueuhehehehuehueueuhuhhehueuheuh, pups, wolves, pokemon, strange, wonderful, interesting, old, nude, beat-up, 5thgrade, hahaahaitsagiraff, jacked, thatssick, please, hors, o-snap, socool, mal-evie-jay-carlos, so-cute, adorbs, butterfly, fvf, fvhgyu, egfhgtw, zzfzae, ac5y, wxxgzfex, frdr, a, tr, re, we, plantsvszombies, birdhuman, 123456789, bleachmyeyes, i Tags
Plate with a Gorgoneion
Plate with a Gorgoneion Title
ca. 600 BCE (Early Archaic) Period
48.215 Accession
creature, siren, sphinx, plate, losthero Tags
Siren with a Kithara from a Grave Monument
Siren with a Kithara from a Grave Monument Title
2nd half 4th century BCE (Classical-early Hellenistic) Period
23.3 Accession
siren, creature Tags