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Anti-Slavery Cameo
Anti-Slavery Cameo Title
1787 Period
48.2597 Accession
abolitionist, jasperware, gold, anti-slave, black, chains, slavery, african-american, wedgwood, thankgod, encountering, smallobjects Tags
Belt Buckle
Belt Buckle Title
late 6th-7th century (Late Antique) Period
57.545 Accession
meninart, smallobjects Tags
Commemorative Scarab of Amenhotep III
Commemorative Scarab of Amenhotep III Title
ca. 1380 BCE (New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, reign of Amenhotep III) Period
42.206 Accession
smallobjects Tags
Inscribed Pound Weight
Inscribed Pound Weight Title
126 AH/AD 743 (Early Medieval) Period
47.6 Accession
underfire, spanningempires, smallobjects Tags
Medallion with Alexander the Great
Medallion with Alexander the Great Title
ca. 215-243 (Imperial Roman) Period
59.1 Accession
military, olympic, pigs, smallobjects Tags
Menorah Flask
Menorah Flask Title
ca. 600 (Late Antique) Period
47.673 Accession
underfire, smallobjects Tags
Sesostris III
Sesostris III Title
ca. 1850 BCE (Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty, reign of Sesostris III) Period
22.115 Accession
doom, egypt, senruset, smallobjects Tags
Spherical Table Watch (Melanchthon's Watch)
Spherical Table Watch (Melanchthon's Watch) Title
1530 (Renaissance) Period
58.17 Accession
materiaux, taille, smallobjects Tags
Ushabti-Figure of Ka-ha
Ushabti-Figure of Ka-ha Title
ca. 1279-1186 BC (New Kingdom) Period
22.186 Accession
smallobjects Tags
Vase Title
12th-early 13th century (Medieval) Period
54.453 Accession
mesopotamian, iran, spanningempires, smallobjects Tags