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"Ecce Homo"
"Ecce Homo" Title
ca. 1610 (Baroque) Period
37.575 Accession
spanish, baroque, venetian Tags
An Ecclesiastic
An Ecclesiastic Title
ca. 1874 Period
37.150 Accession
elder, man, portrait, red, birds, spanish, catalan, retratos Tags
Christ and Two Followers on the Road to Emmaus
Christ and Two Followers on the Road to Emmaus Title
1630s (Baroque) Period
37.2770 Accession
spanish Tags
Figaro's Shop
Figaro's Shop Title
1875 Period
37.4 Accession
century, music, guitar, genre, shop, words, rome, spanish, dogsinart Tags
Four Panels from a Predella
Four Panels from a Predella Title
1426 (Renaissance) Period
37.489 Accession
spanish, tempera, goldleaf, predella, giovannidipaolo, muerteyvida Tags
Madonna and Child on a Throne
Madonna and Child on a Throne Title
1410-1420 (International Gothic) Period
37.747 Accession
tempera, goldleaf, spanish, valencian, invincible Tags
One of "Deux Espagnols"
One of "Deux Espagnols" Title
n.d. Period
37.2794 Accession
spanish, man, watercolor, turbin, boots Tags
Poultry Market, Tangiers
Poultry Market, Tangiers Title
Before 1881 Period
37.107 Accession
orientalism, spanish, encountering Tags
Toreros at Prayer before Entering the Arena
Toreros at Prayer before Entering the Arena Title
ca. 1870 Period
37.197 Accession
torero, spain, spanish, vibert, bullfight Tags
Vase with Leaf Pattern
Vase with Leaf Pattern Title
16th century (late Medieval) Period
48.1145 Accession
spanish, medieval, decoration, luster , earthenware, ceramics, leaf, pattern, vase Tags
Venice Title
ca. 1874 Period
37.196 Accession
seafever, veduto, venice, canvas, spanish Tags
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum
Wall Painting: Woman Holding a Sistrum Title
ca. 1250-1200 BC (New Kingdom) Period
32.9 Accession
article, clothing, egypt, crystal sandoval, lady, look, egyptian, days, she, under, stand, name, loser, neither, wish, tell, nice, painting, stone, wow, beauty, pretty, bat, evil, devil, old, heaven, night, broken, musician, cool, writing, serious, ruler, awesome, heiroglyphics, oil, beer, nude, hay, play, animal, jam, user, cow, food, clothes, weirdo, strange, musical, instrument, clock, hope, art, original, pants, site, game, woman, women, love, greatness, flower, dream, beautiful, fragment, rock, profile, cleo, faded, clay, god, creepy, sideways, cloth, muddrawing, cute, huge, small, colorful, fragments, hair, moon, ancient, egyptain, religon, but, bright, spanish, french, sizes, couple, kiss, lovely, mud, warrior, wall-painting, peyton, joel, big_painting, vintage Tags