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Black-figure Lekythos
Black-figure Lekythos Title
6th century BC Period
48.51 Accession
cow, vase, duck, tall Tags
Black-Figure Lekythos with Hermes and Iris
Black-Figure Lekythos with Hermes and Iris Title
ca. 500 BC Period
48.230 Accession
energetic, pre-classic, preastoric, long, tall Tags
Female Dwarf
Female Dwarf Title
mid 4th millennium BC (Predynastic) Period
71.507 Accession
nakedking, king, female, nude, nasty, tall Tags
Figural Pendant
Figural Pendant Title
AD 250-450 (Early Classic) Period
2009.20.232 Accession
tall, blue, alive, small, swagscope, illuminati, soup, baller, swerve, himadison, aztec, wow, beautiful, limegreen, mayan, jade, death, what Tags
Lion-Headed Goddess
Lion-Headed Goddess Title
ca. 1069-664 BCE (Third Intermediate Period) Period
57.1421 Accession
creature, cool, tall, dab, lit, awsome, tiger Tags